iconnu asked: Hey Bendis, why not cool it on the variants? Marvel these days makes Image in the 90's with their wave of foil covers look absolutely tame. Remember how annoying those "collector edition" ashcans were? It has got to the point where seeing a variant every 4 issues reminds me of that level of insanity.

 it’s easy to poop on variant covers but… The truth about variant covers is that, when used properly, they work and a lot of people like them. they like them as artwork and they like to collect them.

it rewards retailers for ordering at a level that the creators or publisher think they should be ordering at. again, when used properly.

 for an independent title, like the United States of murder Incorporated, it could be the difference between a couple of copies making it to the shelf or not.

 most variant covers are among the most beautiful pieces of comic book art we have seen in the last 20 years. some of  the most favorite imagery on this very tumblr are from variant covers.

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    With the exception of DC’s 3D covers (is it any wonder I think of DC as the modern incarnation of ’90s image?), today’s...
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  3. jefprice said: DC makes Marvel look like they don’t put any out. They’re the crazies doing 3D chromium dandy flip up extreme covers, marvel just puts out awesome (mostly) art covers
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    I used to buy variant covers a lot, and now I don’t, and I’ve realized in the intervening time that literally the only...
  5. dyschordant said: I’m getting the variant covers for Original Sin that all connect to make one big picture and I’m loving it. :-)
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    Word. More coming.
  7. nattypea said: 90S IMAGE didn’t do gimmick covers. /nerd
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