dockdaddy1976 asked: Brian, what's your opinion on the ongoing witch hunt of Orson Scott Card? I'm a conservative, I love comics. On an every day basis I read comics where liberal/left of center views are embedded in the story, and I don't mind it as long as its not full out. I understand most creators are on the left side and its natural that their personal views seep into their work. That's totally legit. I still love the books. The problem is whenever you have somebody who's right of center in the industry they g

 you got cut off but I think I got the gist of your question…

I thought a lot about this actually. First of all your premise that most writers are liberal or left of center isn’t all that scientific.

 what we can agree on is that most writers are empathetic by nature.  we spend most of our day thinking about the deepest, darkest and most promising thoughts of a variety of characters and with that comes a great sense of sympathy and empathy for a variety of people and their struggles.

is that left of center? I don’t think so.  I think it’s pretty centrist.

I have a great many friends who wholeheartedly label themselves conservative and I don’t think any of them feel differently than me about wanting everyone to have whatever they want this life. I have friends from all over the world who have grown up in all kinds of communities and with all kinds of different political beliefs and the one thing we have in common is we all want everyone to be happy.

 like you, I don’t like witch hunts and I don’t like people not being able to make a living… even if they don’t agree with me or are pushing against the tide of popular belief. 

the problem here is not that he believes something to the left or the right but because its pretty much hate speech.  he is going out of his way to try to deny people their rights as human beings.  he is using fancy words so it doesn’t always seem like hate speech but it is. at least it is to me and, obviously, to many others.

 it flies in the face of the empathy that I expect from writers.

I’ve never read anything Orson Scott card’s ever written except for that iron Man miniseries, but my wife has read a lot of his work and her opinion is that people who are fans of his work saw a higher empathy in the work itself.  some sci-fi fans are reading sci-fi specifically because they are looking for a more evolved look into society and morality then the one they see in the world around them. I think people are still shocked that someone who wrote things that they loved so much is an embodiment of the opposite of the work. 

I don’t know the guy, I will probably never meet the guy but I am fascinated. I will give him credit for not backing down from his beliefs in the face of backlash. so many people cower with fake apologies as soon as it hits their pocketbook.  but he is sticking to his guns even in the face of big movie. so I give him credit for not being a phony.

 but it does seem he is on the wrong side of history on this puppy.

 just so were clear, if someone is trying to make themselves happy at the cost of someone else’s happiness, that’s another story. that’s why we have laws. but that’s not what this is. this is people trying to have the rights to have what everyone else has. why does he care so much?

 I’ve been married almost 18 years. this summer, in particular, is a very happy loving time in our lives. I hold our brand-new baby or play with our little children and my wife looks at me like I’m the center of the universe. all of my natural instincts of self-loathing are washed away in the way she looks at me.

 why on earth would I not want everyone in the world to at least have a chance to feel this way? I don’t understand.

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