Anonymous asked: Brian...hi. i am a 41 year old ne'er-do-well. since i was a teen, i dreamed of drawing comics. i learned that my skill was not right and i willingly let that go but that yielding gave way for a desire to write comics. i lack schooling and confidence. i know you advise people to "just write" yet the format of comics overwhelms me and i stall before starting. i have a voice: it's just mute. how can an a.d.d.-addled dreamer figure it all out, get out of the dream and write before i wake up? thanks.

Listen, we don’t know each other, you are anonymous, so I’m just going to be really honest. also this applies to many other people writing me similar questions.

in the body of this question you put up at least seven excuses for yourself. seven excuses to fail as a writer. 

 if you truly want to do what you say you want to do get the fuck over yourself, get over this list of crap you have put in between you and a piece of paper, and just start writing.

 there are millions of people in the world who are experts, certified PhD level experts, at setting themselves up to fail. if that’s who you want to be, that is absolutely fine. but you have to stop talking about it and be who you are.

 but if you’re telling me that you have a voice, there is no one in the world other than you who is going to be able to make that voice heard. no one’s going to come over your house and sprinkle magic dust on you to make you the writer you want to be. you have to sit down and start writing.

stop excusing yourself from living the life you want to live.

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