so, pushing past my neurosis about such things yesterday’s signing was a pretty spectacular event thanks to the amazing staff at maximum comics in Las Vegas.

 I just want to thank everyone for their patience and good natured attitude as the line spiraled way past anything I’ve ever have before outside a major conventions. for those interested it was a 9 1/2 hour signing and I never left the table. the power of Jewish guilt :)

 I met readers of every shape and size. tons of kids getting into comics because of ultimate Spider-man cartoon and truly amazing people who have followed me from goldfish all the way to guardians of the galaxy and that is quite a ride.

 to my peers, I think we have another retailer of the highest caliber to put alongside the very best… his name is Jay at maximum comics and he is the real deal.  if you hear from him take it seriously.

 again, thank you to everyone who came down for the day. some as far as Philadelphia, San Francisco, Orange County, Arizona… just really amazing people who really love comics. I know a lot of you said you follow my tumbler so I thought this was the best place to thank you.

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    Reblogging for absolute adoration of Jay. We are so lucky in Vegas.
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    I met Bendis once, he was really nice.
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    Brian Michael Bendis. A gentleman’s gentleman. Gentlemen.
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    Why the hell didn’t I know about this? I never know about the cool stuff that happens around here. And you’d be...
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