makehavoc247 asked: will you be doing any other cons beside SDCC?

Probably not.

I know some people take offense to my convention retirement but I have four (FOUR!!) little children and very specific goals for what I want to achieve in my career and in my life. one of the reasons I’m able to produce the quality and quantity of material that I do is because I don’t spend 4 to 5 days every couple of weeks going to conventions.

 some of my friends do and they have a blast and I honestly can’t remember ever not having a great time at a convention, and maybe when my kids are older I will find more time for it but with the access we have to each other via the Interwebs I think convention appearances aren’t as necessary as they may have been in the past.

 if I’m a soapbox for a second- conventions are a big trap for many of my peers. you will notice some names popping up at many conventions and then you will notice their work either not coming in on time or at all. I think when all is said and done we will be remembered for our body of work and not our time at the convention bar.

 and I’m right here if you need me- probably more than I should be :-)

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