Anonymous asked: Man, I just plan wanna suck your dick after catching up in X-men. Suck your white dick! Good work, man.

Please do not label my Dick. my dick is beyond race and religion.


jowaynestrachn asked: Hey Brian, any good books you can recommend for a writer ?

On writing by Stephen King

On directing film by David Mamet

Understanding comics by Scott McCloud

 story by Robert McKee

 the writer’s journey by Christopher Volger

comics and sequential art by Will Eisner

words for pictures by Brian Michael Bendis ( See when I did there? :-) )


thecapncummings asked: On the whole internet troll subject what do you think is the best avenue to combat this whole thing? I'm not a fan of complaining about it maybe just being positive and promoting good behavior? I've been taught being a good example is always best. Thoughts?

Just be the best version of yourself, use playground rules, you don’t fight with bullies, you don’t get in the mud,  

as a good friend of mine reminds me every time someone in this business takes a swing at me: you don’t punch a pile of shit because all that will happen is you will get shit on you

 I just wish that the larger higher profile forums would take a much harder stance on what they allow on their message boards. I am all for free speech but hate speech, rape speech, and general negativity on your forums is creating an unfriendly and frankly inaccurate atmosphere.

 as I have said on this tumbler I have met women who have admitted to me that they have to pose as men on some higher profile message boards so they can have a decent conversation about comics without being Internet pawwed.

 I have told the people who own these boards and they have done nothing about it because they’d rather have the traffic even though I think the traffic would be higher if people were allowed to have a conversation without being bullied or harassed.

all I can do is not cooperate with those sites anymore.  and I do not.  for which it has been explained to me I am perceived as a pain in the ass. oh well.

Blow Up - Shintaro Kago

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brenoranyere asked: when you visualize a scene how do you know where to put the camera?

You put it where it most clearly and dramatically tells the story. clarity is  where most people stumble.

 be clear.


isaacgoodhart asked: Regarding the conversation about hostility towards women in comics -- It appears to me that things are changing for the better, no? In the past few years, more and more amazingly talented female creators have been coming in to the industry (Sara Pichelli, Gail Simone, Becky Cloonan, Kelly Sue, G Willow, Ming Doyle…), changing the status quo of comics and thus the opinions of fans. Sure, theres some resistance from the dummies, but aren't things VASTLY improving??

I get a lot of crap for being Mr. positive from people who are having a hard time seeing the cup half-full but I completely agree with you.

 I think things are vastly better than they were and that only makes the shitheads stand out even more.  things are not perfect, all of society’s problems are not solved, but I do think the good guys are winning.

 the only thing that is really bothering me about all of this is that there are some people who are letting the idiots get the best of them and are turning away from the medium that I love so much and has so much to offer all of us.

 I hope they reconsider.


Anonymous asked: Brian why does it seem that there is such hostility towards woman creators in the comic industry?


Because no matter what we do there will always be unevolved cowards among us. and the anonymity of the Internet brings out some people’s worst instincts.

  please read my words carefully… I said some people. and its only some people. but those people seem really awful.

 truthfully, it is not just female creators. a lot of people take weird, hateful shit from weird people.  truthfully, honestly, a lot of us get showered with lovely thoughts all day as well but the sickening stuff stands out because… it just does.

but I think that all of us would hope that we would have gotten to a place as a society where our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives could go on the Internet without having to worry about being called a whore for having an opinion.

 I think what rattles most of us in the comic book community is the fact that someone could read a bunch of comic books, with very specific, simple moral themes with highly moral characters, fighting the fight for good, and COMPLETELY MISS THE POINT.

 you know what Capt. America would never do? he would never go on the Internet anonymously and slam anyone.

the point of the stories, the good ones :-), is to show us what we could be. not to waddle around in the minutia of comic book science but to enjoy a world were someone is fighting the good fight.  a world we hope we could live in one day.

 just because you are posting anonymously doesn’t mean that those thoughts are not yours.  it is not role-play, it is not a character, that is who you really are.  that is the energy you are putting out in the world. this isn’t some mask you are hiding behind… this is who you REALLY ARE.

and if who you really are is a bully, anonymous or not, I truly feel bad for you. I really do. I feel bad that you’re hurting so badly that you think you need to do this.  

but there is NO excuse to attempt to punish others under the cloak of anonymous. none. 

The final covers for The United States of murder Inc. number one

 by Michael Avon Oeming, Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, and David Marquez

FOC –04/21/14 On-Sale - 05/14/14

 preorder today!!

1) Daredevil by Alex Maleev

2) Daredevil by Paolo Rivera

3) Daredevil by Chris Samnee on Tumblr

4) Daredevil by Loic Zimmermann

5) Daredevil Noir by Tomm Coker

6) Daredevil by Mike Kevan on Tumblr

7) Daredevil by Joe Quesada

8) Daredevil by Steve McNiven

9) Daredevil by Marko Djurdjevic

10) Daredevil by Alex Ross

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after writing for a few hours i look up from my computer and this is what i see.
that’s normal, right?

after writing for a few hours i look up from my computer and this is what i see.

that’s normal, right?

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Chris Bachalo gallery

X-Men by Scott Morse

Back cover illustration by Frank Miller fom Sin City: Sex & Violence, published by Dark Horse Comics, March 1997.

Back cover illustration by Frank Miller fom Sin City: Sex & Violence, published by Dark Horse Comics, March 1997.

X-Men poster by Alex Ross.

X-Men poster by Alex Ross.

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Andy Warhol by Alex Ross

Andy Warhol by Alex Ross